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City Tours & Excursions - East Coast - Fujairah

Fujairah East Coast Tour takes you on a fascinating trip, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city life. Fujairah East Coast Tour is a full-day tour, which takes you to the northern Emirates, passing by Dibba, Kalba and Sharjah. We will visit the Fujairah Museum, and the historic Fujairah Heritage Village and Fujairah Fort.

We suggest bringing swimwear as Fujairah East Coast Tour sometimes offers the opportunity to swim in the luxuriously warm waters of the Indian Ocean, after a sumptuous lunch.
On the way back, we will visit the Al Badiyah Mosque, the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates, and the famous roadside Masafi Market, also known as the 'Friday Market' where you can browse its traditional handcrafted rugs, pottery, antiques and souvenirs.

Itinerary of Fujairah & East Coast:
Pick-up time: 08:00-8:30am (Approximate)
Pick-up point: Within Dubai and Sharjah only
Details of Trip:
Fujairah Museum
Fujairah Fort
Fujairah Heritage Village
Al Badiyah Mosque
Friday Market
Duration: 6 Hrs Travel Agents please contact PTT Holidays for more information to make a Booking.

Sun, Sea & Summer Fun - Snorkelling in Fujairah

The tropical waters of the UAE’s Eastern Coast at Al Aqah are teeming with fascinating marine life. You can discover the wonders of snorkeling under supervision and experience the wonders of this beautiful location. This is a great opportunity for guests staying at any of the East Coast hotels in the UAE to experience this amazing underwater discovery.

Your snorkeling trip begins with a site and safety briefing. Once ready, you will visit the number of excellent snorkeling sites by speed boat and have about 45 to 50 minutes of snorkeling time. On this tour, you will be provided with a snorkeling
mask, fins and wetsuit and assisted with a guide and life ring for additional flotation. Guests are recommended to carry their own swim wear, towel and sun cream.

Adrenalin Rush - Microlighting Flight Ras Al Khaimah

Enjoy a commanding view and cooler air greets passengers at an altitude of 600 feet. Islands stud the turquoise sea and the oasis dot the golden sands.

Majestic mountains stand sentinel behind an ancient city and its surrounding villages. Over the water, check for wrecks, sea turtles, rays and reef sharks.

All of the pilots are professionally trained and licensed, ensuring complete safety for you to enjoy every bit for your flying experience. Aircrafts are equipped with the most innovative safety product of its kind – BRS (ballistic rescue system).
PTT Holidays can arrange transport to Ras Al Khaimah, if required.

Adrenalin Rush - Power Parachuting Ras Al Khaimah

A fantastic tour flight above the blue sea and great desert in the back ground makes the city of Ras Al Khaimah a great place to see from above, come and join us for a tandem Para trikes, - you will get the real feeling of gliding in the air and lots of aerodynamics

PTT Holidays can arrange transport to Ras Al Khaimah, if required.

Family Fun - Iceland WoW Waterpark

The Iceland Water Park comes as the first offering of WOW RAK, a 120 acre family entertainment destination being developed in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah , 80 kms north of Dubai. WOW RAK is planned to include the Ice Land Water Park, Amusement park, Shopping Mall and Resort facilities. With a panoramic view of the Al Hajar Mountains in the east and the Arabian Gulf in the North, the venue blends the scenic beauty of the mountains and the spirit of the sea to provide a unique setting for the Water Park.
Inspired by the phenomenon of global warming, the experience at Ice Land Water Park is all about a new home land for the Penguins along the coastal waters of Arabian sea.

Spread over and area of 103,000 sqmtrs, the Ice Land water Park is extensively themed as Penguin Home Land with a day capacity of up to 10,000 guests. Besides traditional water park attractions, Ice land would offer some unique attractions with the Penguin Falls, Worlds Largest man made Water fall, Rocky Polar Mountains with the largest assortment of water slides, Penguin Bay 6000 sqmtrs Rain Dance Pool, Aqua Soccer for the first time ever. Coral Isle a snorkelling pool and other thrilling experiences at the Arctic Wave Pool, tundra Baths , Eddy Pond and the Kids cove a dedicated are for the kids. A food court with sea side seating for 650 covers offering multi cuisine fast foods, Snow Castle Restaurant with intriguing location overlooking the Arabian Sea offering a fine dining experience and The Platter altogether offer wide dining options from fast food to a fine dining experience.

PTT Holidays can arrange transport to Ice Land WoW Water Park, Ras Al Khaimah, if required.

Sea, Sun & Summer Fun - Musandam Dhow Cruise with Lunch- Dibba – Snorkelling

The Musandam Peninsula, situated on the northern part of Arabia, is one of the most striking sites in the region. The peninsula is an exclave of Oman, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates.

Come with us on a trip to the naturally curved limestone mountains, with irregular peaks, bordered by low foothills surrounded by Wadis’ - a breathtaking experience! Visit these unique mountains for a diverse holiday full of excitement and escapade, both by land and sea.
Our Musandam Dibba Tour starts at 8am, passing by Sharjah, heading to Dibba Harbour where we will transfer you to a Dhow. Relax on the cushions and carpet with drinks and a delicious buffet lunch, while cruising Musandam, feasting your eyes with striking scenery!

NB: Mussandam Dibba Tour is subject to weather conditions.

As per Oman law, a passport is required for tourists or a Labor Card for UAE Residents.
Itinerary of Musandam Cruise with Funtours:
Pick-up time: 07:30-8am (Timings may vary)
Pick-up point: Within Dubai and Sharjah only
Details of Trip:
Lunch & Meal: Continental & Arabic Buffet Fresh mixed salad, Hamoos, French fries Lamb or chicken biryani (Arabic Style).
Unlimited soft drinks, water, juice, coffee and tea.
Fruit basket and sweets.

Sea, Sun & Summer Fun - Scuba Diving in Musandam open water trip

Located in the Strait of Hormuz, the Musandam offers some of the most spectacular diving around the Arabian Peninsula. There are different options to suit all levels of divers. Coral reefs are abundant throughout the Musandam, accommodating many species and numbers of tropical fish. In addition, whale sharks are spotted fairly frequently in spring months.
Dhow Excursions:
Every Friday, Dhow cruise boats go out from Dibba Port. The Dhow is a leisurely, relaxed trip, diving at sites in Zone 1. Suitable for up to 30 passengers, the dhow caters not only for pleasure divers, but also for snorkelers and sun-tanners! A fantastic day out, the dhow departs from Dibba port at 9am and returns around 4pm.

Breakfast is served soon after departure, with an Arabic buffet lunch being served in between dives. Soft drinks and water are available all day. The dhow is double-decked, with bathroom and shower facilities on board.

What are the dive sites?
The dhow visits dive sites from the selection available in Zone 1; the area from Dibba Port up to Lima Rock.

The Caves – Not visible from the surface, The Caves are accessible through tunnels which have been eroded through the limestone rock by the sea. The main chamber is between 15 metres and 20 metres in to the rock, with a maximum depth of 10 metres. This site is riddled with holes and gaps so a bright torch is a must to investigate all the life that inhabits these caves. The sandy bottom of the caves is the perfect daytime resting place for rays and sharks, they especially like the entrance area. Large shoals of cardinal fish reside deeper inside the caves, guarding the crevices. A large variety of smaller and juvenile fish utilise the relative safety of the caves to forage. Cleaner shrimps sit in the holes and can be spotted by their remarkably long antennae which protrude from their hideouts. Spiny lobsters can occasionally be found, hiding in the larger cracks. On the way out, look out for turtles circumnavigating the entrance, looking for areas to forage and rest.

Lima Rock – Consisting of two sites – one on the north side of the rock and one on the south – Lima Rock is full of coral reefs and abundant in marine life. As the rock is composed of limestone, shallow caves and deep fissures have been carved out by the tides and currents of the surrounding ocean. Depending on the area, maximum depth runs between 12 metres and 60 metres.
The deeper caves are often the chosen resting area of sharks, including nurse sharks, and rays. Tuna, jacks and sharks can be seen by looking in to the deeper waters just out from the pinnacle. Rays, including spotted eagle rays and other stingrays. Table, staghorn, brain and boulder coral can be seen covering the boulders between 12 and 20 metres depth, while patches of orange and pink teddy bear coral fill in the gaps. Large shoals of reef fish are numerous at these depths. Below 20 metres, black coral and purple scatter the sandy floor, providing shelter for vividly marked yellow mouthed morays. Here white tip sharks and leopard sharks can be seen resting.

In the cooler months at the beginning of the year, whale sharks can be seen frequenting Lima Rock.
Lima rock is also good for bird-watching as ospreys, swifts and sooty falcons reside on the areas of rock above the water, making the site a nice area to rest for a surface interval.

Ras Lima – The headland at Ras Lima provides two individual but equally fantastic dive sites, which can either be explored independently of each other or on one longer dive. The north site is a wall dive along the interesting and intricate rock face of the headland. The rock wall drops to depths between 10 and 15 metres, surrounded by fallen boulders. On the east side of the headland, a bay sits under the cliffs. Almost vertical, they drop in to the water to a depth of 6-8 metres and then the coral beds run to a depth of over 15 metres. There are a number of large rocks across the sites, some of which form shallow caves.

Coral reefs cover the sandy areas on both sides, concluding at the tip of the headland. Large ocean fish can be seen at the tip, waiting to feed on the smaller reef fish. Boulder corals provide undercuts and hollows to investigate, between which is filled by staghorn and table coral. It is suspected that the site is a cleaning station for manta rays and they can be seen in the cooler months. Corals thrive in between 5 metres and 15 metres, covering the boulders that have fallen from the headland in to the sea below. The bright blue tails of the many triggerfish can be seen jut ting out from the holes and crevices between the boulders and the corals. Deeper down is propagated by teddy bear, purple and black corals.

Ras Saria –A fantastic wall site with a maximum depth of 25 metres, Ras Saria often has strong currents which can make for an interesting drift dive.

Speedboat Trips
Every weekend, Al Boom Diving runs scheduled speedboat trips to various sites throughout the Musandam Peninsula.
Every Friday, the speedboat visits either zone 2 or 3 and every Saturday it heads to zone1.
Sites in Zone 1 include:
Lima Rock – 13 meters
Ras Lima – 25 metres
Ras Sanut/Wonderwall – 20 metres
Ras Saria – 18 metres
Sites in Zone 2 include:

Octopus Rock – 30 metres
Sanara – 16 metres
Maruby – 25 metres
Sites in Zone 3 include:
Ras Qaisah – 30 metres
Umm Al Farin – 30 metres
Red Island – 18 metres

PTT Holidays can arrange transport to meet your Dhow boat, if required.

Sea, Sun & Summer Fun - Wakeboarding Experience

The younger and cooler sibling of waterskiing. Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme water-sports globally - an exciting mix of snowboarding, surfing, water skiing and skateboarding. It is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water while being towed by a motor-boat at speed.

Slip into your bindings, up on your board and go for a ‘Beer Spin’, ‘Tsunami Flip’, ‘Fashion Air’, ‘Butter Slide’, throw a ‘Tantrum’, ‘Back-roll’, Jump wakes, perform big airs and wild tricks using the kickers and sliders. Prepare to get wet and have some serious fun.
Duration: 15 Minutes
Operational: Daily
Age: Adults only, infants and children under 10 are not eligible for this experience.
Minimum: 02. Participants must know swimming.
Timings: According to the availability of time slots
You Need to Know:
Confirmation will be received at the time of making the booking.
at Jumeirah Beach area. You must arrive at the departure point 30 minutes prior, late arrival may result in missing the experience for which ‘full no-show charges’ apply.

Dress Code:
Smart Casual when you arrive. Own Swimsuit and Towels while taking part in the experience.

Cancellation: 02 Days

They reserve the right to cancel any part or whole tour for reasons of government decisions, weather conditions and force majeure for which the clients will either be offered an alternate date for availing the experience.

PTT Holidays can arrange transport to Jumeirah Beach area, if required.

Paddle & Climb through Wadi Khab Al Shamsi

The Omani territory of Dibba, located on the east coast is a charming and unspoilt location for a range of outdoor activities. Paddle and Climb combines two adrenalin-filled adventures: the 'Coastal Kayak' and 'Rock Climbing for Beginners'. 'Coastal Kayak' is a two-hour morning paddle along the Mussandam coast with an instructor. 'Rock Climbing for Beginners' is a two-hour introduction to rock climbing with an instructor at Wadi Khab Al Shamsi.